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Shhhh… is coming…dreamOlé ’17


As probably some of you already know, dreamOlé ’17 is coming! dreamOlé is going to be a Salesforce community driven event that will take place on the 1st of June in Madrid. The main purpose of this event is to connect people from all places that belong or want to be a part of the salesforce world, and leverage the most of these connections.

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Lightning Components for admins!

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a talk in the Woman In Technology user group in Paris. As the members of the group are mainly admins, and I am a developer, I wanted to talk about something that I was familiar with but that they could understood and use in their daily work. Having seen all the new Lightning features that come with Winter 17 release, I thought that a good option could be doing a summary of the many ways we can use Lightning Components in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. This is, not talk about developing Lightning Components, but about configuring Salesforce to use them.

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London’s Calling

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Europe’s largest Salesforce community event, London’s Calling. It was celebrated in Skills Matter, very suitable place to embrace such a group of skilled Salesforce developers, admins, customers and partners.

The day started with an encouraging key note by Erica Kuhl and ended with another motivating one, by Petter Coffee. They talked about the importance of Salesforce’s great community,  and about key topics as the importance of developing customer centric applications and the imminent explosion of IoT technologies.

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Meetup en Granada sobre Lightning Connect

El 26 de Noviembre tuvimos el placer de organizar en Granada un meetup en el que estuvimos hablando sobre Lightning Connect.

Lightning Connect, como algunos sabréis es una nueva funcionalidad de Salesforce que permite leer y escribir objetos alojados en sistemas externos desde Salesforce, y lo más importante ¡en tiempo real! Es decir, no es una herramienta ETL para importar y exportar datos, sino que los datos permanecen en el sistema externo mientras que trabajamos con ellos en Salesforce.

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